Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tweeting in Prime Time

As if we needed any more evidence that social media and technology has permeated our world completely, I found two references to 'tweeting' in prime time television and one instance of an Interactive White Board (IWB).  Grey's Anatomy gets the award for best use of Twitter in prime time this week (see video below).  For those of us that have delved into the world of Twitter from a PD perspective, this was a Twitter dream come true!  Doctors were using this collaborative tool to learn, develop, connect, and get advice.  It might have been a bit of a stretch, but in this episode, Twitter actually saved a life!

So is it possible that Twitter could save education in America?  Or maybe even in your school?  Again, maybe a stretch, but use your imagination.  As a principal, I read many Twitter feeds.  I started seriously Tweeting about 2 months ago at the suggestion of my good friend @SNewco.  My first thought... "No one wants to know what I am having for dinner... and I don't care what they are doing right now either!".  But I gave it a shot anyway -- I went out on a limb.  It has changed the way I think about education.

Can you remember when commercials would simply give a web address?  Now companies just tell you to find them on Facebook and Twitter.  How many schools, classrooms, or teachers can say "follow me on Twitter"?  Why is it that education seems to be the last to adopt the latest innovations?  Let's face it... our world is different.  We have to keep up if we want to keep our students' attention!

So, where can YOU start?
Follow me on Twitter!  Or follow @SNewco.  Or read one of the resources on Tweeting found here.  Then start Tweeting!

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