Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Social Media in Schools

I just did a presentation for a great group of administrators in Tipp City, Ohio on using Social Media to engage the school community (check presentation files under the Social Media Tab).  A great topic for discussion... and such a broad one.  Probably one of the most under-utilized tools in education, Social Media is a great tool in a lot of avenues... from Professional Development to Public Relations and even a little bit of fun mixed in, Social Media has revolutionized the economy, the world, the media, and our social and personal lives.  It is definitely time for schools to jump on board by:
  • using social media to promote the school and connect/engage with the community
  • using social media to develop as professionals
  • teaching social media skills and etiquette to students
Feel free to add your comments and share your social media resources below.  Mine are under the Social Media tab (work in progress).