Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Top Ten Reasons for Blogging

  1. Reflective Writing

My high school English teacher would be so proud!  That’s right, I enjoy blogging in many ways simply because I enjoy writing.  Attribute it to the English staff at my alma mater or maybe just a natural inclination to be a writer, but I certainly do find it therapeutic and even relaxing. 

  1. Professional Development (for me)
By contributing to the blogosphere, I hope to, in some way, provide an idea for something to do (or not do) to someone else.  When I first began reading educator blogs just over a year ago, ideas and inspiration overwhelmed my thoughts.  Beyond this, I find that blogging is a way for me to organize thoughts, develop ideas, and grow as a professional. 

  1. Professional Development (for my teachers)
I have started a staff blog to post ideas, links, and other pertinent information for my teachers.  We also use this as a discussion board to help break down the walls that often exist in schools created by the isolated structure we offer in a school building.

  1. Public Relations
My first blog, and the one I maintain most often, was intended to be a PR tool for our school building.  We try to post at least twice a week and keep other important information here.  Pictures, videos, awards, schedules, and other news are all interesting items to parents, staff, and the community.  I often find myself referring back to the school’s blog while preparing for an interview with our local reporter, preparing for a school board update, or creating another piece of PR material. 

  1. Gather Input/feedback
See #3 above… I am primarily looking for input and feedback from my staff.  However, I sometimes ask for feedback on my public blog as well.

  1. To organize
Without question, I find my online data and tools are more organized now that I blog.  I try to keep a great deal of information that others need organized in this one location as well.

  1. I’m opinionated…
And this gives me a voice!

  1. Lead by example

                   Communication and Collaboration

Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.

 I want my teachers to teach 21st Century Skills, so I must teach my teachers 21st Century Skills.

  1. Family
I maintain a blog about my family with pictures and updates to share with those far away!

  1. To share

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